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Registration of a Marriage

   The service is the only married Haitians in Ivory coast

        The documents required are:

                 -Two excerpts from the original minutes of the act of marriage issued by the   city, legalized by the Ministry of State
                 - An identification card or recent Haitian Individual records of civil status for both

        For the foreign spouse

                 - A birth certificate legalized by the competent authority
                 - Two photocopies of the identity card or valid passport


Registration of a birth

    This service applies to children born in the Ivory Coast only

   The documents required are:

             - Two original extracts of minutes of the birth of the child issued by the municipality, legalized by the Ministry of State
             - The marriage of the parents legalized by the competent
             - A family record of civil status of parents
             - A birth certificate for the foreign parent.

Registration of divorce

    This service relates to the Haitian who wants to formalize his divorce made in Ivory Coast only.

   The documents required are:

            - Two original deeds of irrevocable divorce legalized by the Ministry of State in Ivory Coast
            - Marriage
            - An individual record of civil status for spouses
            - Birth certificate (for foreigners).

Registering a death

    The service is the Haitian dead in Ivory Coast

    The documents required are:

           - Two original certificates of death certified by the State Ministry of Cote d'Ivoire
           - An identity certificate, individual or family of the deceased
           - The passport of the deceased to nullify


This service applies to Haitians who want to make a proxy for all kinds of third

          The documents required are:


          - The text of the proxy desired
          - An ID card or individual civil status or passport agent, and mandated


The consulate does not proxies in language other than French. The agent must write and understand the language perfectly.
Time: After receipt of required documents an appointment is required to effect the proxy in the presence of the Consul.


miscellaneous documents

     This service applies only to Haitians resident in the Ivory Coast only.

Nationality certificate, certificate of practice, etc ...


Legalization of commercial invoices and certificates of origin

     This service applies to commercial documents for companies based in Ivory Coast

Request an act of moving

    The service is the Haitian resident in the Ivory Coast, who want to leave the Ivorian territory permanently to settle in Haiti and be exempt from customs duties.

    Documents Required

          - An ID card or a recent Individual Civil status
          - Certificate of final departure issued by the safety, legalized by the Ministry of State Ivorian
         - Slip Detailed Property to carry issued by the forwarder (based in Cote d'or preferably) on company letterhead and notarized by the local authority or the Department of State
          - A sworn statement stating that it is personal property you own for over three years and not intended for sale in Haiti.

The applicant's presence is mandatory.

Time: 2 days

- Naturalization

Haitian citizenship application

This service applies to the wife of the Haitian foreign resident in Cote d'Ivoire.
A minimum of one year after the marriage registration with the Haitian Civil State is required


      The documents required are:

           - Marriage certificate issued in Haiti and legalized by the Foreign Ministry in Haiti
           - Family statement of Civil Status
           - Map of Haitian resident of both spouses
           - Identity card of wife
           - Passport of the wife with the reference: wife of ......
           - Certificate of employment of the wife in the appropriate
           - Two birth certificates of the wife in French certified by the embassy or consulate of the country of origin of the wife
           - Two identical passport photographs on white background
           - Lease or utility bill or on behalf of spouses SODECI

The presence of the spouses is required to sign the application forms

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