Bienvenue au Consulat d'HAITI en Côte d'ivoire

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Dimanche 21 Juillet 2024

                                  IN COTE D'IVOIRE

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Economic Mission, commercial and tourist

 Trade policy and tourism is part of Haiti in the wake of economic policy aimed primarily at creating conditions for economic growth sufficient to stimulate and support the business sector, to facilitate the creation of new businesses and to equip the country for major infrastructure required for its development.
Presenting an economy considered among the most open in the Caribbean basin and Latin America, Haiti intends to take full advantage of its liberalization by becoming more involved in regional and international trade.
In this perspective, the country enjoys many privileges on the North American market that will serve to increase its presence in trade in Ivory Coast. In this context, the Honorary Consulate of Haiti in Cote d'Ivoire is a bridge between the private sectors of Haiti and Ivory Coast, and works to educate the various stakeholders to strengthen economic co-operation through new opportunities Affairs.


The Honorary Consulate of Haiti in Cote d'Ivoire put on a better understanding of the socio-economic development of Haiti and Haitian culture in Ivory coast to achieve its mission which is defined as follows:

  • Strengthen the commercial, economic and scientific relations between Haiti and the Ivory Coast and promote in every way friendly relations with Africa
  • Ensure the promotion of tourism and business opportunities, products and services in Haiti Ivory Coast
  • Support people of Haitian affairs by providing support services and information on economic, business and science of Ivory coast
  • Liaise between local institutions concerned.