Bienvenue au Consulat d'HAITI en Côte d'ivoire

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Dimanche 21 Juillet 2024

                                  IN COTE D'IVOIRE

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The Honorary Consul in Ivory Coast: the transmission belt between Haiti and Africa.


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The work of a consul is far from being a history of issuing passports. Beyond the services offered to the community in the diaspora, it also attempts to establish trade links with foreign business leaders. It also happens that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Haiti put a diplomat stationed in a country with very few Haitians and Haitian. This is the case of Oswald Loueke, new Honorary Consul of Haiti in Ivory Coast, who will officially take office at the end of April 2012.

As part of the diplomacy business introduced by Laurent Lamothe, the honorary consul should, just as a consul-general, achieve specific goals. He has a duty to come to Haiti three trade missions per year to attract investors to create jobs and wealth for the country.

While in Port-au-Prince to complete a working meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs, Loueke Oswald confirmed that already, Haiti will host in June of a mission with the participation of heads of twenty Company Ivorian. It also works to achieve a major meeting in 2013, the Haiti-Africa Forum.

Under the Vienna Convention, an honorary consul, consul general in contrast, is not an agent of the state as such. It is rather a businessman who is supporting a country through its expertise and relationships. It acts as a transmission belt between the states and their economic players.

Oswald Loueke grew up in Benin and then to study in Ivory Coast, where he lived for 20 years now. Commercial engineer, he spent seven years in the telecommunications sector before founding the magazine and Telecom Network to address the African Telecom People annual forum.

Businessman well integrated into his community, he has forged significant relationships with the Ivorian and African entrepreneurial class, and undoubtedly he will put them to benefit for Haiti. "I want to help Laurent Lamothe in achieving its goals for Haiti. I appreciate his dynamism and business acumen, he says. When he approached me for me to help rebuild his country, I did not hesitate for a minute because I know his integrity, dedication, and all his love for Haiti. "